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I've ben reading up a little on Chinese medicine.  I must admit to being a little sceptical, but would not discount anything completely.


Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) of using Chinese medicine or is there a feeling that it's mumbo jumbo?

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Hi Dimarzio,


That's an excellent question. Unfortunately, not even the Chinese have discovered a cure for scleroderma.  We keep close tabs on that, as we have an international medical advisory board, and our site has even been translated into Chinese.


In fact, we track a lot more things than only Chinese medicine.  See our Forum Guidelines for a list of all sorts of herbs, vitamins and remedies that may or may not be helpful for scleroderma (and thus may or may not be discussed in the forums, to prevent an onslaught of fake cure salespersons).


In addition, we track Supplements for Scleroderma, as well as Diets and Scleroderma on our main site. You can also find specific diet tips on the appropriate symptom page(s) of our site, such as, foods or beverages to avoid if you have Raynaud's, or Heartburn.



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My wife and her friend are urging me to try Chinese medication, but I'm a  little sceptical.  From a diet perspective, I stick with soft foods and a lot of fish & chicken - Can't seem to digest meat any more.


I gave up alcohol over a year ago and caffeine more recently, though when I've had the odd coffee, it doesn't seem to cause any problems.


I've cut down smoking considerably, but finding it hard to quit due to so much boredom because I can't keep as active as I used to.

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