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What causes the bloated feeling with Scleroderma?  Everything I eat makes me feel bloated, even the smallest meals make my stomach feel like it's eaten a 5 course banquet.  I'm not intolerant of any specific foods and it's not a case of some foods making it worse than others, it occurs with just about everything I eat.


I guess it's slow (or delayed)  gastric emptying, but what causes this?  What treatments might help?

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Hi Dimarzio,


Unfortunately, scleroderma does cause symptoms or signs of gastrointestinal disease. It can affect the entire digestive tract, affecting swallowing, digestion, and elimination. Bloating, abdominal distention, diarrhea, bacterial overgrowth, weight loss, and constipation are common.


We have excellent medical pages on Scleroderma Gastrointestinal Involvement and Dysmotility Syndrome which I hope will answer a lot of your questions on bloating and treatments available.


Kind regards,

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