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I tend to always be cold, but when I cover up too much, I get too hot; therefore, it's a matter of finding that balance. :)  Something that my husband and I find very weird is that I get really cold right after I eat.  It's like my body can't do 2 things at once, so while it's trying to digest my food, it pulls energy from the rest of my body.  Even in the middle of summer I keep a blanket handy so I can cover up after eating.  Going out in the sun to warm up only last a little while, because then I get too hot.  So YES, many of us can relate to the temperature swings. :)




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My house is a old house, but it has been insulated fairly well although there were still a lot of drafts. In 2013 I started to close the gaps. In Mapleton the city gives us insulating supplies and I am one of the people to make those supplies in my house.


I stared with the doors; it seems every form of door insulation let in more cold air so I had plenty of fleece I cut it in strips and stapled it to the door frame and it worked great.


Then next I saw that a company was doing some drywalling, so I asked if I could take some out of the dumpster and they said OK. I used that to close up the holes in my Attic that were open.


Last two years I have been recaulking my windows. With scleroderma it takes a bit longer to do all the work, but it has been well worth it. I looked at my gas heating bill from 2012 and I almost went into shock; it was 294 dollars just for heat this year. I looked at my January heat bill, smiled, sat down and had a cup of coffee it was only $79 dollars! I think I succeeded with what I wanted to do.


It has been often said I should have been the boy and my older brother the girls.


I just have one piece of advice for everyone; do what you can, stop and take rest breakers and if any one has the courage to say anything look at them and smile, for all of us here know how hard it is to do little things.


Bless each of you.

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I have a really tough time with being either hot or cold constantly!


Dear husband lets me keep the house VERY warm, not sure how he puts up with it but he wears shorts and tank tops in here in the dead of winter LOLOL!  Lil one wears summer clothes all year round too.  I have learned to LOVE zip up hoodie jackets, I take them off during hot clothes soaking sweats, then put them back on when I am freezing from my damp skin/clothes.  I even wear them backwards (or from the front) sometimes when Raynauds is bad and hands and arms are cold but my core body (torso) is hot. 


I used to have electric heated throws near all my sitting places, they are now in the closet since having a lil one I am up and down every 10 seconds.  I still use disposable heat packs in my shoes, and change my shoes and socks often because I get hot, socks get damp from sweat, then they are freezing, I switch them all day.


Of all the things I can complain about, the body odor from sweating bothers me the most, I don't have it in me to shower more than every few days and it adds up over those few days.


I see my rheumatologist in late May (I had a mid April appt but had to move it because of a snowstorm), I will ask about the more intense hot flashes:)

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