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What's in your Scleroderma survival kit - in mine:


Thermal socks (for day and night)

Thermal gloves

Thermal hat

Warm lined windproof coat that does up to the neck

3 layers of clothing

Windproof fleecy lined joggers


Warm fleecy underblanket on bed

Spare blanket for colder nights

Antacids for reflux

Headache pills

Diazepam in my pocket just in case (seems to relax the blood vessels as well as the muscles (but have to limit use to avoid tolerance)

Yep, I carry a wad of pills just in case I need them.


Note that all the thermals are good at keeping out the cold and wind, but not so helpful when there is no heat in your hands and feet to keep in.  I keep my hat and gloves on the radiator so that at least I start out warm.

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