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I've asked if I can try pregabalin for my Peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, benzodiazepine tolerance and insomnia and been refused.  I've been told on the quiet that it is because it's too expensive for the NHS to prescribe it (though I would be quite willing to pay).


Benzodiazepine's have helped me a lot, but I have to limit usage due to tolerance and pregabalin sounds like an ideal longer term alternative.


There are a few people on these forums I'm sure that have some success with it.  Are there any alternatives?  Is anyone else being refused it?

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Hi Dimarzio,


Thankfully, I've never had to take pregabalin (Lyrica) so can't advise you from my own experience.


However, I've found you two previous threads on Lyrica and also a link to this medication, explaining a lot of the why's and wherefore's about it which I hope will give you some more information.


Kind regards,

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Thanks Jo - seems to work for some but not others (much like everything I guess).


Not too worried about weight gain as I've lost nearly 3 stone.


Really just the problem of getting someone to prescribe it - I do know someone who is taking it for neuropathy and says he couldn't live without it.

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