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It took me a long time to learn to cry when I am afraid or when I am hurt.
For many years I did what I thought was right and I held a so called stiff upper lip.
After doing this too much I got physically ill and wound up getting told I needed to see a therapist. At first I rejected the idea and my doctor and other professionals, but I finally decided that everyone would get off my back.

Today I am grateful for my therapist and the support for in his office. It is OK to cry or just sit there and say nothing and talk about all those things I could never talk about to any one.

So next time some one tells you to grow up and stop crying just remember it is OK.

Bless each of you and may each and every one of you have a good cry !

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Thanks so much, Quiltfairy, for such a lovely and thoughtful post. :thank-you:


I'm so glad that you've found help and support from your doctor and therapist.


Best wishes,

Jo Frowde

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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I went through so much with my initial experience of scleroderma renal crisis that I blocked the ability to cry. Therapy has helped but I still have difficulty. Emotions will occasionally cause a tear or two to roll down my cheeks. If I really start to cry it is something that is major. I wish I wasn't like this. You're right, though, crying is an acceptable response and we release through our tears.



ISN Artist

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I can never cry, just constantly moan at all the aches, pain and faintness along with not being able to digest anything other than soft foods.


It often seems better in the morning and gets worse as the day goes on.


I try to keep as busy as possible to take my mind off of it, but sometimes I'm suffering so much, I can't even concentrate to read a paper, use a PC or watch the telly.

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Do me a favor and see a therapist. It does not mean that you're crazy or anything like that, it just means you need a little help right now.

Before I saw my first therapist few years back I had not cried a tear in three years.  After I saw my therapist I went to my worship services that next Sunday and my dad was a religious leader and he gave a sermon about weeping. It was just something that hit me, he said quietly at the end of what he had written and he wept and that started my tears. I must have cried for three days at that point to get everything out that I needed to get out, so please see that therapist.


Oh and there's one other thing, it's okay to laugh too. Laughing is great therapy sometimes; when I do stupid little things and make stupid little mistakes I want to scream, but then I turn around and laugh at it. Yesterday I felt it was the funniest thing because I tripped over one of my favorite things a box of carbonated soft drinks so all I could do was laugh, thinking I must be getting drunk on the soft drink, although you can't get drunk on it and I knew I had too much at that point because I was laughing and thinking I'd had too much caffeine.


I hope that you could find yourself within all of us and I hope that you can learn crying is okay bless you.

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