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I got a new tablet the other day that I can do everything on just the same as a regular computer and I got it because my hands are getting so stiff. At times it's hard to type on the keyboard or write or anything so with this tablet I push the button and I start talking and it writes it down.


This is something that is great for everybody with Scleroderma or any other kind of disease that has trouble with their hands and still wants to be active on the internet and for me being active on the internet is really important because it's my only support groups around here. I live in a small town so get them computers out and get that talk to text on them. You can buy programs for computers to do that; you use a microphone and talk into it and it does it but a tablet is just great,


Bless each and everyone of you.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


The talk to text facility on your tablet sounds like a great idea and so much easier on the fingertips!


The only thing I would say about it is that it's quite important that you enunciate the words clearly, so that the microphone can pick up the words correctly, or you could be dictating a lot of words that you hadn't intended!


I imagine it would be useful for someone like me, whose typing skills leave a lot to be desired!! :wink::lol:

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That is so true about enunciating the words properly, otherwise you're doing a lot of going backwards instead of going forwards.


You can also get this feature on the new smartphones; I think my smartphone is smarter than I am but I can do a lot with that too.


Bless you.

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Quiltfairy, thank you for raising awareness of the talk to text feature, and how it may be very beneficial for scleroderma patients, or anyone who can't type or whose hands are impaired.


It is a marvelous aid that can re-open the door to more involvement and communication, and the programs now are so much better than when they first launched!



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Hello Quiltfairy


I want this! I have a similar thing on my smartphone which starts out great and then crashes and burns! All of a sudden "How are you doing" becomes "Have a tomato", my laptop is even worse, I don't think it understands English, it certainly doesn't speak it. I certainly do!


Take care and have fun with it.

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