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I am enthralled with this video.  I cannot believe I have not seen it before tonight as I have scoured  every detail of your, or this site for years.  I would love to share it.  May I ask for permission?  If yes, how do I do that?


Thank you.


I also plan on printing Sylvias husband poem in a Father's Day card for my husband.

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Hi Kathy,


Yes, you may share the link to our Hope on the Horizon video or to any of our pages, anywhere. The trick is to just include the link and to attribute the link to sclero.org or the International Scleroderma Network (ISN).


That video is very special to me.  The scenery I used is from our old family cabin on the lake. The poem is by Fran Waranius who felt inspired by the SD World website that Judy Tarro had created.  Fran and Jude have both passed away.  Jude was also a volunteer for the ISN, and a member of Sclero Forums as JudeTheGrouch, literally up until the day she passed away. She donated her lovely SD World website to the ISN when she passed away.


This year, Jo Frowde has been updating and revamping the SD World website as part of her webmaster training program with us. Recently she redid all the pages for Don and Karol's cross country tripKarol was the original penguin mascot for our Scleroderma Webmaster's Association (SWA) and that link includes photos of Fran and Jude and Syl, even me.  Some people here may still remember my speech at the first SWA meeting. In the middle of my speech, Don's service dog, Brandy, was kidnapped by a penguin, and held for a ransom of chocolate for the whole audience!  


Karol and Brandy have since passed away, as well, so Don's heart was warmed by the effort Jo undertook to revive the trip section of Jude's site.


Syl would be delighted for you to use her poem for your Father's Day card. (Also see: Syl's Poetry on our main site.)



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Hi Miocean and All,


Do check out SD World website; it's a great site for information, fun and games. I spent ages fiddling around with a game of checkers!!


As Shelley has said, I'm in the process of updating the whole site (and haven't managed to crash it yet !!  :wink:  :lol: )

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