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Hand Exercises

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Hi Everyone,

Just wondering when you all think that I should start doing range of motion exercises, or hand stretching?

I still have the use of my hands and only have 2 fingers swollen and have a tightness feeling in my fingers.

Should I start doing them now or should I wait until the tightening begins?

What is the sequence of things regarding the hands - does swelling start 1st , then tightening etc (I hope you know what I mean).

I still haven't got Raynauds yet (which is good) I just find it weird that most people who have Limited Sclero had Raynauds first , I'm the opposite.

Also, has anyone experienced ridges on their lower lip is this called thickening of the mouth?

Sorry for all the questions but these things seem to come in my mind quite often.


Kind regards

Celia :unsure:

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I don't think there's a medically diagnosed sequence. In my experience I had swelling first, tightness, then curling...


I like to think it's never to early to start with hand exercises. Here are some things to try: (I'm not a doctor. This what I learned from my hand PT)


1. parafin wax dip

2. microwave a wet towel and wrap it around your hand. Moist Heat Helps

3. gentle hand massage

4. stretch hand gently from fist to full extension (10x)

5. make an "o" with thumb and each finger (10x)



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I agree with Peanut - I don't think there really is any sequence to what comes first or which symptom comes first. However, the order with my hands was the same as Peanut's: swelling, followed by tightening of the skin and then curling as the skin hardened. I didn't start hand exercises until the fingers started to curl. At that point I still hadn't been diagnosed, but may hands sure felt better when I worked them. I'm glad I started early because I never really loss use of my hands and now my fingers only have a slight curve, so I would say - It's never too soon to start.


I have deep ridges on the upper and lower lips. Mine actually appeared after my mouth tightened and at the same time that my lips started to recede.


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

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