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Hello My husband and I just found this website, my husband has systemic sclero diffuse. It's nice to find some people to talk with. We live in a small town, and travel to Duke University for he dr. visits. Can we ask what are some of the medications others are taking? My husband is on a ton of different meds.


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Hi Bird man. Welcome to our group, glad you found us. I, too have diffuse SD and the meds I am on are:

Prednisolone (steroid for the swelling)

Omeprazole (to help with the acid reflux)

Lisinipril (to avoid trouble with my kidneys)

Fluoxetine (to help me stay warm, and give me a lift)

Iron (to control anemia)

senna ( to help with bowel movement)

Ginkgo Biloba (to aid circulation)

Celebrex (for inflammation)



Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like. There are not so many of us male sufferers, so I will always help where I can.

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Steve THANKS for reply

He's on


Plaquenil (inflamation)

reglam (helps swallow)

vasotec (high blood pressure)




He always has a bad taste and no appetite, dr said it might be celcept but wants him to stay on it, do you know anyone else who is taking celcept?


Thanks agian

Bird Mans wife!!!!!

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Hello again Bird man's wife.

I personally do not know of anyone on Cellcept, but if you wait awhile, somebody will post who is on it, as it is a fairly well known med.

My appetite wasn't so good either, until I started the steroids. Then my appetite came back. Hopefully someone will pipe in with their experiences of Cellcept, and maybe a remedy for the bad taste and appetite too.

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Welcome Birdman's wife!
We're glad you found us, but so very sorry to read about your husband diagnosis. I, too have diffuse scleroderma as well as polymyositis. Here's my list:
Methotrexate (immunosuppresant)
IVIg infusions every 6 weeks (imflamation due to the poly)
Prilosec (heartburn)
Propafenone (anti-arrythmia)
Aspirin (blood thinner)
Folic acid
Bosentan (pulmonary hypertension)

There are a few people on cellcept so hopefully they will find this thread. Here is the ISN page on Scleroderma treatments.

Again welcome. Please keep us informed on how the hubby is doing.

Big Hugs,

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Hi Bird Man,


I go to Duke too. I live in Raleigh, NC and see Dr. Shanahan. I LOVE him!! I'm on a ton of meds too and about 3 weeks ago he started me on chemotherapy (Cytoxan). I have my 2nd appointment for chemo this Friday.


Med's I'm on:











I'm sure there are a few others I've forgotten.


Best of luck. Duke is an amazing hospital, you are in good hands.



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I am glad you have found us here but I am so sorry it is because of scleroderma! You'll find we are a friendly group with much advice to offer.


Here goes....


Clinoril- antiinflammatory

Protnix- reflux

Ambien as needed to sleep


That's it. I don't like being on meds so I prefer not to take others and I just deal with the daily pain.


Welcome again!




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Welcome to the Forums! I am glad you found us, but sorry it is because of your husband's scleroderma. I am sure you will find everyone here very friendly, warm and supportive....and very willing to provide advice and information when we can.


I have a diagnosis of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (that is most similar to Limited Scleroderma) and take the following medications:


* Aciphex (for reflux......my appetite gradually increased after beginning this medication last fall)

* Celebrex (joint pain)

* Neurontin (neuropathy)

* Vitamin B Complex (neuropathy)

* Plaquenil (I was told to always take this with food or else it would leave a very bad, bitter taste in my mouth).


I hope this is helpful. Again, welcome!


Warm wishes,


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i all! im new...but so glad I found you! i live in ohio, have CREST had it for 40+ yrs. meds...let's see






baby asprin


others for other ailments

i was on welbutrin xl until my insurance decided not to pay for it...over 300.00!!!! i didn't have it filled. i hope I can go without it.


anyway....i looke forward to chatting with everyone!!



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Hello Mr and Mrs Birdman! and Welcome!


I have Lupus, Sclero and just recently diagnosed with Sjogrens.


I take:

Plaquenil (slow progession of disease)

Prilosec (for reflux)

Pain Medications

Fish Oil

Amino Acids

Mag Citrate for bowels


I think that's about it lol Hard to remember everything!


Love Sweet

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Hello to the Bird People!!!!


I have diffuse scleroderma and I am on:

Prevacid (Proton Pump Inhibitor)

Fluoxetine (anti-depressant)

Nifedipine (Calcium channel blocker for Raynauds)

Methotrexate - injections (Immunosuppressant)


I tried to take Reglan but it made me CRAZY......

I have also been on Plaquenil from time to time


Welcome to our group......we will all be glad to help you with whatever we can!

Laurie Jill

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I have also been diagnosed with diffuse scleroderma. I am on two pain medications, as well as Prednisone, Nexium, Xanax, Amitryptaline, Lisinopril and Lunesta to help me sleep. I have also been prescribed D-Penicillamine, though I was just recently prescribed and havn't started taking it yet. Though I live in Florida, I am going to Duke at the end of November to visit with Dr. Shanahan and others to be screened for the Scot Study. Good luck to you and your husband. If your husband ever wants to talk to discuss this disease from a man's point of view, feel free to have him e-mail me.


Dave in Florida

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Hello Bird Man and Wife,

I am so glad that you found this forum for support and reffrence.

As far as meds go I take:


Plaquenil- to decrease side effects of disease

Aciphex- to help with reflux

Topomax- to help with migrains

Acidopholus- to add good bacteria to stomach



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Hi birdman and wife,

I was amazed to see your post. My husband also has systemic diffuse scleroderma. He also goes to Dr. S at Duke. He is on

Cellcept 4 in the am and 4 in the pm



Nexxium twice a day


Folic Acid

Remeron (sp?)

My husband had the same problem with the bad taste and lack of appetite. He had that before the cellecpt. We were told that is was the plaqunil. It has gotten better. Dr. S just switch his antidepressent to Remeron. He decided on that one to help with appetite. He weighed 200 pound in February, was dianosed in April and now weighs about 150 pounds. Has your husband lost weight? How long has he been diagnosed? Don't you just love Dr. S? He has been great. He always e-mails me back quickly and has even called us at night. I hope things go well. I know that it is hard on your husband but I also know that it is hard on you. I will listen if you need to talk or vent. Email me if you want to talk.

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I also lost close to 50 pounds as a result of a loss of appetite. Since being on Prednisone, however, since July, I have put about 10 pounds back on. I was oringinally on 40 mg of Prednisone but have been weaned down to 10. Hopefully, I will be off the stuff soon.


Good luck to you and your husband.



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