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Hello! I am 25 and have diffuse scleroderma, but thankfully no organ involvement yet. I was diagnosed Jan. 26 2006. Here are my meds (I take 10 pills a day):


Cell Cept 2g per day

Nexium (heartburn)--2 a day

Baby Aspirin (circulation)

Capoten (circulation)

Procardia (circulation)

Lipitor (circulation and anti-inflammatory)


I started the Cell Cept in March and haven't had any problems with it. I was on Plaquenil from Jan. 6-March and had horrible side effects. I was so sick, I missed a few days of work and I never miss work. I had every side effect listed on the pharmacy brochure except for 1.


I haven't been on Reglan for the sclero, but when I had my baby in July 2005, my lactation consultant suggested I take it to help increase my milk supply to breastfeed. My OB/GYN refused to give me more than a 2 week Rx because of the horrible side effects. I think I only took it for 4-5 days because in addition to having a newborn and having to feed my baby every 2 hours around the clock (ie-absolutely NO sleep for 8-9 days), I couldn't deal with how it made me feel.


Good luck!


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I'm still trying to figure out this website and how to use it !!! Bird Man wants to know how Dr S decided to start you on the Cytoxin, He wants to start it but Dr. S says he's not ready yet. Bird man is impatient !! He has always had a lot of energy and now he has none. I think he is frustrated. We go back to Duke Dec. 4th

Thanks for the reply

Bird Mans wife

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