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Judy Devlin

New Stories: Gingy, Claudia And Julian

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Julian: Morphea About thirteen years ago I got a little white spot in my thigh (coin-like)...


(Espanol) Julian: Morfea Hace como 13 anos me salio una mancha blanca pequena (en forma de moneda)...


Gingy: Localized Scleroderma (Italy) In September 2006 I was told that I might have localized sclerodermia after I discovered dark marks and my skin hardened in my left forearm...


(Italiano) Gingy: Sclerodermia Localizzata A settembre 2006 mi viene detto che potrei avere la sclerodermia localizzata poiché sull'avambraccio sinistro ho la pelle "dura" e delle macchie scure...


Claudia: Systemic Scleroderma Nature is wise, no doubt about it, when something is wrong with our body we have to pay attention...


(Espanol) Claudia: Escleroderma Sistemica No cabe duda que la naturaleza es sabia y que cuando algo falla en nuestro cuerpo u organismo hay que hacerle caso, puesto que mi novio inicio con síntomas que a él le parecieron insignificantes en un momento...

There are over 1,000 patient and caregiver stories on the main Sclero.org site.

Warm regards,


Judy Devlin

ISN Archive Committee Chair

International Scleroderma Network

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