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Resunab Clinical Trial. Anyone on it?

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Hi Grey,


Resunab is an interesting treatment in phase II clinical trials for cystic fibrosis, scleroderma, and dermatomyositis. They claim that it doesn't suppress the immune system, but rather that it is intended to bring the immune system back down to normal. It's an interesting idea. 


It's usually not helpful to know if someone is in a clinical trial, because they may be receiving the placebo rather than the study drug, and even people on placebos can sometimes improve dramatically. I know how tempting it is to want to know more about such promising treatments, as soon as possible!  But we all have to wait it out. And thankfully, we have very delightful friends to wait it out with around here, don't we? 


Also see: Scleroderma Treatments and Clinical Trials: Resunab



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It is an interesting drug. The easiest analogy is that of dominos. If you can block one of the dominoes from falling, it will stop the end process, fibrosis. I was not able to get into the Phase II trial, but if it moves to Phase III I plan on asking my scleroderma specialist if I am eligible. Was hoping there may be some members here that were in the trial with some feed back.

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