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For Barbs

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Hi Barbs,


I just read your most recent blog aobut your upcoming cooking radio show! That is so great of you to do that..Congrats! I just know you are going to be awesome! Please do let us know how it goes.


Warm wishes,


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Yeah! Barbs :D

This is great news. I am glad that you are well now from that chest cold.

A cooking radio show sounds great!


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Thanks for your support guys -- I'm gonna need it! As for the chest cold ..... It's back!!! I woke this morning with the most incredible runny nose and sore throat and now it's settling quite nicely on my chest and the wheeze is back, so much for respite. Anyway I have my show to think about which kind of deters my thoughts of anything sinister going on and if you read my latest blog you'll realise probably why I have the chest cold back?

I'm having a feel sorry for myself day since all the family are back to routine after the spring break. I have the usual " What's for dinner "syndrome and " Can you wash me ..... can you get me...... can you make sure the water's hot for my bath" I tell you when I married I became Mrs Bridges of Upstairs Downstairs fame. Did you guys ever see that old drama? Well if you did you'll understand what I mean, if not well, it was about a rich Victorian household which employed servents and Mrs Bridges was like the chief cook and bottlewasher .. Yeah that's me!

Not complaining though, what else would I do home alone?

Have a great day.

love Barbs xxx

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