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Connection of autoimmune diseases

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I inherited keloid skin problems as a child from my father, then in my 50s I developed dermal morphea on my legs, then in late 60s I had a rare ovarian cancer, which could have been lethal, had I not had a good general practitioner. Then now at 80 I have developed another, quite rare lichen sclerosus; my body seems to have autoimmune problems.


Any ideas why?

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Hi Fieldsend36,


Welcome to these forums and I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a plethora of autoimmune conditions.


Unfortunately, it does seem to be that having had one autoimmune disease, our bodies do seem to be prone to developing others. I've included a link to our medical pages on Autoimmunity and Lichen sclerosus, which I hope you'll find interesting and helpful.


We do recommend that our members do consult a listed scleroderma expert, as this complex disease does require specialist knowledge and expertise. Sometimes UVA1 treatment can be successful for lichen sclerosus, so I would suggest that perhaps you contact your scleroderma expert to see if it they will recommend it for you.


Kind regards,

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