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Pregabalin (and maybe generics)

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Sorry to harp on about this medication, but a year ago, I managed to persuade a psychiatrist to prescribe this because my rheumatologist wouldn't prescribe it, but it has been life changing for me.

My Scleroderma problems have largely been confined to gastro.

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Hi Dimarzio,


Whereas I'm very pleased that you've received such relief from taking pregabalin, I would just point out that different medications do not work in the same way for everyone (prednisolone is a case in point!) This is why we do recommend that our members always consult their medical team, when needing to increase/decrease/change their medication.


I've found that it's often necessary to tinker around with various medication combinations and amounts, in order to get the best results.


Kind regards,

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Sorry, I somehow managed to post this without finishing. What I should have said is that I still have Raynauds, get cramped a lot and have blood flow problems to my eye, but the Pregabalin does seem to have helped here to a degree, though I have no idea why.

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That's great Dimarzio! When we find something that works we should really take that victory.


Once upon a time, I was taking a massive dose of pregabalin but after I cut down another medication, I realised that pregabalin was exacerbating neuropathy. One of its side effects is actually neuropathy, ironic given that's what it's often prescribed for and that's why I take it. If I stick to a low dose I'm fine but if I increase it...woe betide me!


Like Jo said, what works for one doesn't work for another but then we're all so marvellously different, aren't we? Alas, if you were all like me...your lives would suck and the world would end. I took an online personality test today, just for fun you understand and one question asked whether I'd rather live in a world with no problems or rule the world. Hmm, yeah I pondered and pondered and pondered! 


Take care

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