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Can This New Site Send The Posts To Email Like The Other Board?

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Just wondering. That was a feature I really liked. I always check my email and seeing posts everyday keeps me involved. to go to a whole new site and login, just reduces the involvment.


Sorry if this is a repeat question I haven't really read much yet.


Michael in florida


hope everyone is doing well

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Hi Mike,


There are several things you can do to get notices in your e-mail inbox.


First, in the main Forum, on the upper right hand side, there is a dropdown box called Forum Options. The last option is "Subscribe to this Forum". By clicking that, you should receive notices in your e-mail inbox.


Also, when you reply to a specific topic, it is pre-checked in the Reply box for you to receive notification when people reply to that topic. (People can uncheck that if they don't want to receive notices.)


I hope this is helpful.


Warm wishes,


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