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Just read this in the forum guidelines.  Could anyone elaborate or provide the ingredient or why it is suspected to be beneficial or point me to any newsroom articles?  Thanks.


Nicotine—Definitely not good for systemic scleroderma, not good for health in general. OK to discuss when used in context of not healthy or about people who want to quit or have quit. Brand names of cigarettes are not okay. An ingredient in cigarettes is suspected of being beneficial to scleroderma so news articles about potential clinical trials for it are also okay; but this topic is allowed to come forth only through our newsroom articles.

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Hi Dimarzio,


That's a good question. We continually erase old items on our main site, trying to keep it current within 3 years. Occasionally this wipes out a topic, once research seems to have stalled on it. In the case of nicotine, a large study was completed in 2011, which apparently erased doubt as to whether or not nicotine was beneficial or harmful in systemic scleroderma.


When there's smoke there's...scleroderma: evidence that patients with scleroderma should stop smoking. Overall, these data provide robust statistical support for the notion that smoking has a deleterious effect on SSc. These effects can be long-lasting, but stopping smoking cessation could be beneficial with respect to several other outcomes, notably Raynaud’s. The authors concluded that physicians caring for SSc patients should encourage patients to stop smoking as soon as possible. J Cell Commun Signal. 2011 Mar; 5(1): 67–68.


The article noted increased severity of Raynaud's in current smokers, which disappears after quitting. Heartburn was also worse in smokers, however, it took about 11 years for that effect to wear off after quitting. It also explains that other studies were smaller or poorly categorized smokers, and thus led to the errant impression at times that smoking might be good for scleroderma.  But of course, such a happy thought was too good to be true, and alas, further research seems to have proven it wrong.



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I quit smoking 3 years ago and I will not lie. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, but I am glad I did it.


When my scleroderma doctor told me if I needed a transplant heart lungs etc. I would not get it and I would die if I was still a smoker. My scleroderma doctor could not do a stem cell transplant because of smoking and I have a will to live, not die.


Check with your doctor; there are support phone numbers and there is also free meds through the doctor, patches and other stuff.

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