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Confused About Pft

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Hello Everyone,


I saw my rheumatologist at the hospital on Monday and he gave me the results of my PFT.

He mentioned that it was 86% and was sort of within normal limits and that he would get me to repeat the PFT in 6 months time.

He also mentioned that for the first 3 years we would be doing the test every 6 months (which is good).


My question is, does the 86% on the PFT sound ok or should I need to worry.

Janey, you did give me a good link on one of my other posts but I sort of got lost as their was too much data for me to follow.


I don't have the report with me all my rheumatologist told me was the percentage.


Kind regards

Celia :unsure:

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Good Morning! I've read many conflicting things about what is considered normal oxygen saturation. I've read that 88% and up is normal but I've also read 90% is normal. I have also read that when your oxygen declines more than 5% during sleep or at exercise, it's abnormal.


If it were me, I'd leave a message with your Dr. or nurse asking to have them explain your numbers again, after all, you just paid him (or insurance paid) a large chunk of change for his services. The office should be able to send you a copy of all your numbers then you can look at Janey's link and understand it a little better. Plus, we can help you too. I also wonder what your level drops to at exercise. Did you do the 6 minute walk by chance?


It is good that you are getting regular PFTs. I have mine today!

Take Care,


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Hi Celia! I can understand you're feeling confused.


Like Jennifer says, the ranges of "normal" vary among specialists, doctors, etc.


What I think Doctors focus on more is making sure that the trend either stays stable or gets better. That's why it's a good thing you're getting regular PFTs like Jennifer says.


By the way, good luck on your PFTs today Jennifer.





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I am sorry you are uncertain of your results... you don't need that frustration.


What is the 86% referring to? If it is the DLCO - CO diffusion rate, mine have been 86% and 80% with the recent PFTs [also testing every 6 months for the coming 2-5 years...] and my doctor is very pleased. He says anything above 80% is good news.


I would definitely get a copy of the PFT results and review them with the doctor or his staff.


Best Wishes,


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My doctors have told me the same thing as RTS's: Anything above 80% is good and nothing to worry about. I even had my last two pulmonary doctors ignore the 60%'s. When I switched pulmonary doctors in August she did what Claudia mentioned and compared the last 6 tests over 3 years to see if there was a trend. Sure enough - an obvious trend that she said should have been seen in January with my previous doctor. My TLV and DLCO have been below 70% for a couple of years now. I'm finally getting treatment. I have another PFT this morning so we'll see if things are stabilizing.


It's really important to get those regular tests so you can track trends and catch potential problems in the early stages. So congratulations on good results! :D For your own peace of mind, please discuss the results with your doctor.


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Assistant Webmaster

(Retired) ISN News Director

(Retired) ISN Technical Writer for Training Manuals

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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