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Teeth And Healing

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"I've really written a book here, so sorry about that!"


Sherrill, please don't apologise--your information is always so thorough and educational. We appreciate every word you write.

Warm wishes,



Carrie Maddoux

(Retired)ISN Sclero Forums Support Specialist

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Guest Sherrill

Thank you Heidi and Jefa!


You know Jefa, I start off with a message saying to myself, now this will be brief. But before I know it, it's anything but brief! :lol: I think to myself now this and that require more explanation, so there you are!


One thing I forgot to mention about my teeth...... the last 2 premolars I had out had to come out in bits. And the last part of the root was stuck so hard to my jawbone that one had to be drilled out right down to the bone! This one was done by a woman who did a great job, but she didn't have the "oomph" in her wrist to get my tooth out.


My usual dentist did the second one, which was a crowned tooth. He tried VERY hard to save it, but couldn't. But he found the same thing that the root didn't want to part company with me! However, he managed, and found that there was a small piece of jawbone attached to the bottom of the root when it came out! He explained that I had ankylosed roots, which means there is no connective tissue between them and the bone, so they're stuck really hard! Once again a product of autoimmune disease!


The dentist was so unhappy about having to take my tooth out that he refused to charge me! He hates taking teeth out as he prefers to save them if he can! He is a VERY nice guy, and you don't get many like him!


Needless to say I'm not looking forward to the eye tooth coming out if it has the same problem!


Warm hugs,

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Hi Jenifer,


I hope your tooth heals and you can keep those teeth as long as you can. I lost almost all my bottom teeth two years ago and have a partial on the bottom. My teeth just loosened up where the connective tissue holds them below the gum and the dentist didn't even have to wobble them to come out. I did retain the back molars to hang on to and the partial works well. I take Evoxac for dry mouth and it really helps.


Sherrill, your teeth woes continue. I am so sorry. I had on of those tooth shattering in pieces when pulling to. It took forever to dig it out and the sound was awful. You have been through so much and I am glad you have your diet sodas back. I love my one a day. Susie54

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Hi Nan,

Nope, I'm not on any meds. As of right now, I'm not "bad" enough to justify them...and I'm not complaining. I'm glad I'm not terribly sick! I go back to the dentist on the 17th of May, and we're supposed to talk more about what kinds of things I can do over the counter. Right now I use a dry mouth toothpaste and rinse.



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Thanks everyone! My mouth is healing finally. The dentist actually called me last night to ask how I was doing. Amoxycillan and Ibuprofin have helped. I am sorry to those that are also having teeth problems.

Thanks and remember to always smile!


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