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Hi Ally,


I'm afraid I can't give you any first hand advice, as I've never taken rituximab. However, we do have some information about the drug on our Biologic Agents Medications page, which I hope you'll find helpful and interesting. There is also a link on our Clinical Trials page.


It's quite likely that other members will be along with more first hand information; going over some old threads, I've found some of our members have used it with varying success.


Kind regards,

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Hi Ally,


Welcome to Sclero Forums. 


It's my impression that many disease modifying agents, such as Rituximab, take time to produce noticeable results. It's not like many drugs to relieve specific symptoms, such as taking a pill for heartburn and having it quelled within the hour.  But Rituximab they are likely to first check to see if there's any progress at about the 8-week mark, and improvements are likely to keep blossoming for about six months.


I know how hard it is to just wish-hope-wait with new treatments, but it's likely something that takes a big picture view, like evaluating every few months to see the general trend over time.  I try to take a mental snapshot of my overall health at the end of each year.  How did I fare over the holiday season, as opposed to the year before?  How does that compare to five or ten years ago? 


Some years I'm surprised by the comparison. It's easy to get caught up in dealing with daily symptoms, and not even realize when some symptoms have improved or even vanished. We can heal, or worsen, at the cellular level before it produces anything worthy enough to gain our attention.


It's still very "early days" for you with Rituximab, and you are thus quite likely to be feeling a bit better, in the coming weeks and months.





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