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Well two days ago I was sneezing thought it was something in my moms house it does it to me all the time when I go over there. Now this morning it is full blown allergies, I just feel awful.


I was wondering how many are you suffering from allergies right now. I odnt know what is worse having a common cold or this. Well eiter way I dont want either.


Well I'm gonna go I have things I need to do and I'm behind this morning already. Sam


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I have allergies. I take an antihistamine in the morning and at night, a steroid nose spray and inhailer(s). I also have ILD so allergies make breathing even harder.


I heard that if you can try to wash your hair at night. Hair traps pollen and air borne allergens throughout the day. Washing your hair at night prevents one from rubbing all those allergens all over your bedding.


Also, try doing outdoor things in the early morning or late at night.



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