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Kay Tee,

Good for you that you can do hills, even with eyes down. I am a "flatlander" a term I learned people who live in mountains call those of us who live where it is flat. The only "hills" I have to walk are a slight ramp up to a boardwalk, and a sandy slope up the sand beach. I find those difficult for me today but in the past did climb mountains. It is more my breathing that gets in the way, not so much my balance. I am always very happy to get to my chair or stop and take a breath. I manage short flights of stairs quite well but have l learned to use an elevator when available.


I must be improving in terms of balance. The other day my 3 year old niece asked me if I could stand on one leg (she was learning how in school.) I tried and SURPRISE!, I could. So I showed her the yoga pose "The Tree" and actually was able to hold a very poor version of it for a couple of seconds. I thought yoga would never be in my future due to the stillness of my body and my hands but maybe it is something I will be able to do again. I sure could use the increase in flexibility and the calmness it could bring.



You must be so frustrated to have your independence taken away. You face all of this very bravely and if it wasn't for knowing you for a long time on this forum I would never have guessed how you struggle.



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Hello Miocean


Thanks Chickie and right back at ya!


On the loosing balance thing, I fell over yesterday, first time ever and, oh my, ain't it painful? Tried to step outta a dress Ma was adjusting and tipped forward, fell onto right knee, grazed other leg on suitcase and then fell onto forearms. Quite interesting really, since having sclero I've assumed I'd be like a plank of wood and just fall flat on my face as I'm not that bendy. Nice to know I can bend a bit if needs be but I'd rather have found out another way!


I mention this here as my balance is being affected by a medication, not sure which yet, and I stagger backwards, lean forwards and so forth. Oh well at least I've done it once so know it won't kill me...I hope...if it happens again!


Take care one and all.

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Good for you with the yoga pose. Sometimes doctors think not getting worse is progress but isn't it wonderful when you can see some progress even it is little baby steps. I used to live in NJ so I'm basically a flatlander at heart and I choose my hills carefully!

Hugs to all.

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jad12 and Shelley, please pardon me for being so long in posting about my pulmo appintment (I have had so much on my plate, lately, that I forgot to post back :P ).


As I mentioned, I was to have a chest xray, PFT and then speak to a pulmo directly following; When the pulmo came into the exam room, he asked, "How Are you today"? and I answered "pretty well", to which he replied, "YES, you ARE"!!!...with a big grin on his face. He said, "You know, I LOVE it when I can see people like you and give them GOOD news! Your chest xray was good and the PFT showed your pressure at 21%; 25% is the indicator for Pulmonary Hypertension". He told me that he wants to see me in a year, so I walked out of there very happy/relieved and could hardly wait to share the news with my hubby and friends! :emoticons-line-dance:

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I still don't have an official diagnosis, but I recently fell on the hardwood floor in my house and broke my foot. It's what finally prompted me to to take my nagging leg and shoulder pain seriously and get some answers. I also occasionally experience some kind of vertigo when I'm seated or lying down.


The irony of the broken foot is that I was invited out to a dance hall that night but opted to stay home with the pregnant wife and avoid taking any risks. :wacko:

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Well they say most accidents happen at home, apart from the being run over by a bus thing, bit hard on the carpet that, or in your case the hardwood floor!


So where are you on the "finding a cause for symptoms" merry-go-round? Getting on/off/going round a few more times?


Take care.

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Amanda, still waiting on appointments with the rheumatologists. :-/ At this point my determination to my symptoms as scleroderma is a diagnosis of exclusion. I've already had MRIs of the spine, leg and shoulders and everything checks out fine aside from the blood work, upper endscopy, etc. Because I'm somewhat confident of this, I'm been more or less content to wait until I see the doctors. The diagnosis would at least confirm to my wife that I'm not just always making excuses when I'm in pain or fatigued. :D

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