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Please help.

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I am very concerned that I have scleroderma. For the last few months I have had swollen fingers in the morning that typically go away 1-2 minutes after moving them. When I stand up, my feet also have pins and needles for 2-3 steps that then go away. Last time I worked out my arms and back were very itchy and I noticed an hour or so later some red bumps which went away before the day was over. My hands usually stay flush all day but are the normal color around my knuckles.

I do suffer from anxiety and take Klonopin and am just hoping this is to blame.

My doctor says that I have Raynaud's, but it’s not very severe. My fingers rarely get cold and never turn white/blue.


ANA test 1:320 

Centromere is .9 
ribosomal <.2
Sjorgens ssa <.2
sjorgens ssb <.2
chromatin <.2
RNP .4 
SM/RNP <.2
Smith <.2
RA factor <15


any insight would be so greatly appreciated.


To note, I am most worried about the ANA and then the Centromere number. The .9 centromere is in the normal range, but seems like the higher end of the normal range. Does that mean anything?

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Hi Amuhles,


Welcome to these forums!


Whereas I can understand your concern, the symptoms you describe can possibly relate to scleroderma, but equally they can be a feature of many other health problems and also Raynaud's  can be a disease in it's own right. Scleroderma is a rare and complicated disease and not something that can be casually diagnosed by an internet search.  I would reiterate the advice we always give about positive blood tests; although they help in the diagnostic process, they are by no means the be all and end all of a diagnosis, as scleroderma is extremely complex to diagnose and it is possible to have positive blood tests and yet never go on to develop the full blown disease and vice versa, as many of our members can testify. Far more important are the clinical signs and symptoms of the disease. We actually have numerous threads on this subject.


I would suggest that if you're concerned about the results of your blood tests, you should go back to your doctor and ask him to explain them fully to you.


Kind regards,



Jo Frowde

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It seems to me that a great amount of information must be gathered. There unfortunately is no single blood test or something similar that says you do or do not have Scleroderma. Blood test along with physical test, pulmonary, arterial etc. But a vast amount of information is gathered then a most possible accurate decision is made. 


As a very recent person diagnosed with Scleroderma with Raynaud's I do have some sort of knowledge of at least a small portion of what you might be going through. The anxiety I am sure is through the roof and 90% of your thoughts are based around the knowledge you have now. Stress can cause your symptoms to worsen or even new symptoms to occur. I know there is nothing I can say that may ease your thought but know you do not have a full diagnostic performed yet. To worry about what may be is something I had difficulty over. I had to learn to relax and know even if I do have this I will not let it define me. You are more than the sum of a possible disease. I have learned my life will continue, yes with some changes but not all for the bad. 


Try to keep calm if possible, speak with your family members or very close friends allow their empathy to help you. But until you have gone through all the test and officially diagnosed the anxiety and undue pressure you are putting on yourself could result in negative consequences.   I am sorry I cannot offer better words but I hope the best for you.

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