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I love eating fruit.

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 I have always liked fresh fruit, but having no teeth that is hard, but most food can be gummed enough to swallow.

As this blank blank disease goes forward I have more trouble getting food down my throat. I was given a bag of blueberries; I looked at them and gave a look at my blender. I put the berries in the blender, added a little sugar and made a juice out of them. I still have cherries, so I am off to the kitchen.

Yummy yum yum.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


The juiced berries sound delicious and what a good idea to put them in your blender.


Having no teeth must make eating and also swallowing rather difficult; I suppose you must need to puree all your food in order to consume it!:lol: 


Best wishes,

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There are more things a person can eat; I will not give into the disease. I also eat grilled cheese sandwiches poached eggs on toast 

I found not trying something is like giving up. I tried that; all I got from that was a trip to eating disorder treatment.

Thank you for your answer.


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