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My family had a barbecue today and I was not sure I wanted to go. I asked my dad how my son was doing and he said he was okay, so we had lunch. I went outside with my brother and sister in law  and we were talking about this,  that and the other. My brother said that we all knew it would happen. 


That is when I was told he is in prison for breaking and entering. I think the judge got tired of seeing him; he had his chances and the last Chance was 15 years suspended.  I will not put on here what the charges were.


I got a little angry when I was told that it happened a month ago.


People are starting to understand when I say I do not feel like a family member.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


I'm sorry to hear about your son; it must be very challenging to deal with his misdemeanours and the stress involved cannot be doing your scleroderma symptoms any good.


I do hope that you are able to cope with the comments from your family.


Best wishes,

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Thank you. The comments from my family are nothing new so I just close it out. I no longer go there alone  and my aunt has learned the truth.  And my therapist has done a lot to help me sort all of the rubbish out. 


This all started as a child, I now live 70 miles away from my family.


When my mom passed away I thought  it would quit, but it didn't.


I have a new therapist; she is great. I will call her Monday and Wednesday. When I go to see my sclero doctor my aunt will be my driver; we have a good time, I always look forward to the drive.


I always tell other people with scleroderma or other diseases to see a therapist; family and friends can blow up in your face simply because a lack of understanding.


I send my blessings to everyone.

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I know exactly what you are going through, my partner of 20 years doesn't even care.


When I have really bad days I'm being told "you know that I have the kids to take care of" and they say things like "oh you're fine", "suck it up buttercup", "how in the world are you tired? You just got up 7 hrs ago so what's for dinner".


The sad part about it is that this is not the only thing I have going on in my life. I actually don't know how I'm standing on my own two feet. Lol

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