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Our four legged friends

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There have been many times I have felt lonely, with no one living with me.


I had to take my kittens to the humane society; I still have the older cat whom I did not have to take. Her name is Beauty and after being a victim of abuse we kinda stick together. I can tell when she has spots on her back she does not want touched.


Where scleroderma comes into the story is she just seems to know when I am in pain or just don't feel good. I was going to attach a photo in the Gallery and but I was unable to find it. An animal will never just leave; they are the most forgiving, unlike friends and family. I had a family member get mad last year and as of today she is still angry. When this kind of thing happens I simply say she is missing out, so I hope nobody has that kind of experience.


I hope others can tell about how 4 or 2 legged friends helped you.



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Hi Quiltfairy,


How lovely to have such a gorgeous cat! She sounds as if she's a real comfort to you and as you've said, she's good company for you as well.


We're very fond of our animals, although we don't have so many now.


Best wishes,

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Hi I was reading this and have to agree animals are a gift to us.  I have to share this story that happened to me today.  I have been having blood pressure spikes that lead to I think anxiety attacks.  Not sure. Anyway I have a Great Dane.  I was sitting in my easy chair trying to relax and breathe steady.  He stared at me and then came over and put his nose right on my heart.  He knew and stayed that way for a bit. Amazing and I will never forget. Love comes in many ways



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I have four little rescued, all Chihuahua mixes,  They are my therapy on bad days.  So much fun!!  Unfortunately, the second week after I was officially diagnosed. with scleroderma my love of my life little chi named (aptly) Princess was given the dreadful diagnosis of the aggressive, t cell type of lymphoma,  Without treatment she would have had only weeks (I literally came on in two weeks), so we're all in for the (gulp11$12,000) treatment.  Even if she does go into remission from the chemo, ( and she's doing marvelously after two treatments, you'd never know anything was wrong) it probably buys us 6-9 months give or take.  So I am hoping for a miracle but preparing for the worst,.  We won't let her suffer.  Sad post, sorry. 


The three other dogs are aware somehow that there is something wrong with her?  She's our little alpha,  Don't know what I'll do without her,.  Animals are just like family members, aren't they? 


Fondly, Nance HG

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