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Judy Devlin

New Stories: Mary And Marina

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Marina F: Sjogren's Syndrome and Vitiligo (Italy) For quite a few years now I have had problems such as eczema in my ear, vitiligo, nodules in the thyroid, dry eyes with a positive Schirmer's test, and vertigo...




(Italiano) Marina F: Sindrome di Sjogren, Vitiligo Ho 47 anni e da diversi anni soffro di vari problemi quali: eczema alle orecchie, vitiligine, noduli tiroidei, secchezza oculare con test di schirmer positivo, e vertigini...




Mary B: Scleroderma En Coup de Sabre I feel like it is tearing my head open. Sometimes I get headaches, and I believe it is because of this illness...





(Español/Spanish) Mary B: Esclerodermia en Golpe de Sabre Por el contrario siento que se me está haciendo una enorme brecha en la cabeza. A veces me dan dolores de cabeza y creo que es por causa de esta enfermedad...




Judy Devlin

ISN Archive Committee Chair

International Scleroderma Network


There are over 1,000 patient and caregiver stories on the main Sclero.org site.

Warm regards,


Judy Devlin

ISN Archive Committee Chair

International Scleroderma Network

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