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CREST / Back Pain Legs Locking.

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Hi, I'm a 57 year old male. 


I've been diagnosed with CREST and Raynaud's. Recently I've recently been having trouble urinating due to the pain in my backside and legs whilst visiting the toilet.


The pain with the muscles is excruciating; my legs seem to lock. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any advice welcome.

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Hi Gibo,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been suffering such unpleasant symptoms. I have Raynaud's, but thankfully have not experienced the symptoms you describe.


However, being that you have been diagnosed with CREST and Raynaud's, I would suggest that you go back to your doctor (or preferably a listed scleroderma expert ) as any new symptoms are always worth investigating, if only to put your mind at rest.


Kind regards,

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Thanks Joelf . 


Your reply is much appreciated. Sometimes it seems a little difficult talking about the CREST  and Raynaud's .Because most people with this condition are women.

When first diagnosed the rheumatologist nurse told me I had CREST, overlapping Lupus and other things, Raynaud's, some type of fibrosis. It's a lot to take in?  Been nearly 2 years since first diagnosed and every time I think I've got my head around  this, something else seems to come up. But after reading some of the other people's posts, I realise how bad it is for others and really feel for them.


So  THANKS again for your reply . Gibo :wink:




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