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Can you help me interpret these results? I'm so confused what all this means. Obviously I have some type of autoimmune disease going on, I'm guessing
A positive ANA result may occur in healthy individuals (low titer) or be associated with a variety of diseases. See interpretation chart which is not all inclusive: Pattern Antigen Detected Suggested Disease Association ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Homogeneous DNA(ds,ss), SLE - High titers Nucleosomes, Histones Drug-induced SLE ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Speckled Sm, RNP, SCL-70, SLE,MCTD,PSS (diffuse form), SS-A/SS-B Sjogrens ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Nucleolar SCL-70, PM-1/SCL High titers Scleroderma, PM/DM ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Centromere Centromere PSS (limited form) w/Crest syndrome variable ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Nuclear Dot Sp100,p80-coilin Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- Nuclear GP210, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Membrane lamin A,B,C ----------- ----------------
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Hi Jennifer,


Welcome to these forums!


Regarding your blood test results, please see our sticky thread here.


Presumably, there is some reason that you had these blood tests in the first place and of course, it is possible that you may develop an autoimmune disease such as scleroderma, lupus or a combination of both. Therefore I would suggest that you go back to your doctor/consultant and ask them to explain the finer details of the blood test results to you, as they are really the best person to advise you and to determine whether you'll require further testing in order to diagnose and treat you, should that become necessary.


Kind regards,

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