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Hi there, it has been almost 2 years since I have been at the Forum. Let me reintroduce mself quickly. I am 37 and diagnosed with Lupus CNS, along with which 2 years ago I began sclero symptoms. About a year later the symptoms disappeared. I was very fortunate. I'm concerned now though that it may be coming back. Aside from my arthritis returning, I have noticed scarring on my face and hands that seem to have appeared from no where and for no apparent reason. I remember the scars I received on my fingers and hands from the last bought of this, but at that time my face was never "attacked". The elephant skin is returning too in those areas. No tightening yet though. Has anyone ever had scar tissue appearing on the face? Also before the skin on my face and hands tightened up alot and now it is very scarred and puffy/crinkled looking. What does that mean? Any and all thoughts welcome. Thanks - Kristin

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Welcome back and sorry to hear about the skin problems. I've got systemic sclerosis with a al ot of skin involvement. I've noticed that scars that I had are now significantly larger because of the scleroderma, however no unexplained scarring.


My first syptoms were swelling and puffy, shiny skin, but remember to check with your doctor and get some recent bloodwork done. I joke with people that since my diagnosis my cellulite has disappeared, my chest area is perky and my face looks 10 years younger! Humor helps - so does this site. Hope everything is okay and that IT is not coming back.


Best Wishes - TJ

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