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Raynaud's with cold showers

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Hello, I have Raynaud's pretty severely and I am going on a mission trip to a third world country in about a month. The only problem is that while I am there I will only be able to take cold showers. Does anyone have any suggestions I can try so the cold water doesn’t trigger my Raynaud's too bad?  

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Hi Allie,


Welcome to these forums!


Without wishing to state the obvious, I would suggest that as much as possible, you should avoid taking cold showers. Perhaps the best idea if you can't avoid it would be to stay in the cold water for as little time as possible, as Raynaud's tends to be worse if your core gets cold (not necessarily your extremities.)


I've included a link to our medical page on Raynaud's, which does include many tips for keeping warm and preventing an attack.


Kind regards,

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