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I think I have the best son in the world.


We were out trimming weeds from around the air conditioning unit. I was pulling the little ones that came out easily and I really cannot tell any one what happened. Luckily my head hit the lawn instead of the sidewalk; I missed the sidewalk by inches. My son got me into the house and sat with me until he was sure I did not have a concussion. I'm so thankful that I had him.


I send you all a blessing.


I would love to hear stories of some one or thing that touched your heart.


Oh, I am ok and headed to bed.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


I'm very sorry to hear that you fell and cracked your head; how very fortunate that your son was around to help you. 


I do hope you've recovered well and haven't got too much of a headache (or developed concussion).


It's so easy to inadvertently trip and fall especially as we get older; I've done it myself several times.


Best wishes,

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Hi Quiltfairy - I replied  earlier this morning but it didn't go through.


I'm glad you're okay and didn't hurt yourself.  I fell back on my butt a week ago while weeding.  Needless to say, the first thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw me do it!!!  I have no medical condition - just purely uncoordinated.  :lol:


Take care, everyone.



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Like you I never fell much until my head injury. When I was still driving trucks I grabbed the grab bar that is on the side of the outside of the door; it is another one of the things that is there for driver safety. I grabbed it, then missed the bottom step. Believe me, that can go around the trucking world for a long time then.


I hope you all have a great week, what is left of it.

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