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Pulmonary Artery Dilation Question.

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I haven’t posted here in so long.  I have systemic sine sclerosis with ILD.  I have gone to Dr Fischer since 2005 and am currently looking for a new DR which has me studying all my records.  


In 2017 I had an ECHO and CT scan. The CT scan finding says I have a dilated pulmonary artery of 35.  My echo on the same day was unremarkable. I do remember discussing this dilation with Dr Fischer and he was not concerned. My memory is terrible and I don’t remember why he wasn’t concerned.  Can anyone shed light why he wouldn’t be worried?  I trust him fully but I’m not gonna lie, I’m concerned.  


I am stable and have been for for several years.  I just have slight progression in the lungs. 


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Hi Clementine,


How lovely to hear from you again.:happy:


I'm afraid that I have no idea as to why Dr Fischer appeared to be unconcerned about your dilated pulmonary artery; I would need to read your medical notes to be able to advise you.:wink: Perhaps he felt that as you have been stable for a few years and the disease wasn't actively progressing, there was no need for you to worry unduly?:dont-know:


However, the best person to advise you is Dr Fischer himself, or failing that (as he has now left his clinical practice at University Hospital of Colorado) then perhaps his successor might be able shed some light on it for you.


Kind regards,

Jo Frowde

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Thank you!   I vaguely remember discussing it with him and I’m pretty sure it was because my ECHO was good and it was a better indicator.  


Dr Fischer told me there wasn’t a sclero expert at UC Health now.  I did see a Dr is taking sclero patients though.   Now National Jewish is a center again.  I wish I knew whether the sclero Dr there was really good or not.


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