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Positive but no symptoms?

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Based on those of you with positive results and well knowledgable on ANA and ENA results, is it possible to be Centromere- B positive and still be healthy and asymptomatic? I know it is associated with limited Sclero , but I was wondering if it's a "severely" symptomatic form of scleroderma?


I tested positive 10 months ago accidentally and thank goodness, I dont manifest clinical symptoms, not even Raynaud's, hence the confusion. Could it only accumulate to Raynaud's and never get worse? A few months later, I was tested again and they found me to be Anti-SM positive, which is highly lupus specific. Should I be worried? I'm honestly very terrified, these tests are mind boggling, and I wish I didn't figure this out accidentally .


Thanks for your help, blessings.

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Hi Omer

Yes it is possible to test positive and have no symptoms or have symptoms appear many years later.

If you have no symptoms though, I would have to ask why you were given the blood tests.

My first ANA test was done when I went to my general practitioner with Raynauds, although I had been having related problems for nearly a year before they finally realised that my symptoms were not imaginary and that I was not insane.

I hope you continue to remain sympom free though.

Best wishes, Dimarzio

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One day I had nerve like pain running down my legs and arms due to some studying stress at the time. And I had visited my general practitioner for some help, and he decided to order the blood panel and it said centromere B 4.7. However, literally after 1 month it went away. I think it was my stress because thank goodness it hasn't come back since. It felt like a billion bees stinging my legs - just my legs. Then he referred me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist a few months later ordered an ANA and ENA panel. I then got my results and voila, completely different results : it was ANA 1:320 ; homogenous ; Anti-SM positive only .


This was all 10 months ago, I display no actual clinical symptoms. So should I worry? I know anti-sm if very specific to Lupus - my rheumatologist said in a year or so if I don't manifest lupus symptoms, then just don't worry. And no, I have no Raynaud's, no color change with weather/temperature as well. 


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