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Hi There Gordon again,

I phoned my hospital this morning hoping for some results,but nothing as yet,my consultant did tell me she was concerned how quickly it had spread around my body,ive been booked in to see a heamotologist [spelling] because of the protiens,i have also been told of the possible treatment which is a large dose of steroids and tablets called I think methotrexate,she still thinks its localised scl,ive always been fit and healthy and im just wondering if any body has tried and tested any thing for self help, non prescriptsion,just to give you a better quality of life,since finding this forum im reading reading reading,about things that do help but has anybody had hands on experience, i do realise some things work better for some people than others,but it was just a question thats going through my head at the moment,

many thanks

kindest regards


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