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Only lately have my hands been getting extemely sore, to the point that I don't stay on the computer very long or text my friends. I sleep with 2 heat pads, one normally on one hand and the other switches between my knees and hips.


I'm just wondering has anyone got any tips on what I should do about my hands being sore, any stretches for them or anything? The doctors never seem interested when I say my hands are sore!


Lovies :D


~Louise~ xx

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i use a parifin dip which is a 4 to 1 mix of 4 lbs household wax (canning wax ) and 1 cup mineral oil I use a slow cooker bought second handfor this purpose only on low to melt the wax and then add the oil then I dip my hand 5 times then wrap it in a plastic grocery bag then in a towel and wait 15 min then you can peel the wax off your hand and put it back in the pot the mix lasts a long time I made mine 5 years ago and it is still good it also softens the cuticals ny hands feel much better after I do this just dont get it too hot if you have to let it cool a bit before you use it because it will burn you if too hot I use as hot as I can but if you arent careful it will hurt you and I would hate to have suggested somthing that some one gets injured by but it realy helps my hands when they are bad Smiles to you

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Hi Louise,

Do you mean sore skin on your hands or deep down soreness like under your skin? I get a lot of soreness and burning under the skin and in my finger joints and on my fingertips, especially at work where I do a ton of data entry. Luckily I can stop and do something else when it gets too painful.


When it gets real bad, I use Vaseline. It seems to keep my hands moist and nice and warm. Give it a try!!





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i mean joint pain, my hands get weak. it normally happens at the night-time, but has been happening mornings and days now too. i used something on my knee when that was sore, but it didn't do any help so I havent tried it on my hands.

i'll try that vasiline thing Linda!

not sure about the parifin dip, i'd be a bit scared of burning myself.

i think maybe I'll try give my hands a rest over this week off college(since I use my hands in almost every class in college-the one that I hate(art) makes my hands very stiff!)

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Hi, Louise,


I'm sorry about your hurting hands. My rheumatologist also suggested the paraffin baths. It is wonderful! She gave me the same instructions as Nightfrog. You can also buy a paraffin bath at department or bed & bath stores. I don't know if warmed gloves (hand warmers) would help you? I also love anything soft like chenille.


I like moist heat. Some heating pads are this kind. I'm sure stretching would help. Or even better a hand massage! Add a foot massage! I had a massage this week. Ohhhhh . . . . . :D


Warm hugs,



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Hello, Louise!


I am wondering what sort of doctors you have who "don't seem interested" in your aching hands. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the pain in my hands and ankles and, sometimes, shoulders is what my rheumatologist is interested in treating! It's one of the main reasons I go to her!


I don't know if you have arthritis, but, if you do, someone should be treating it. Permanent damage can be done to the joints if arthritis isn't treated early on. The heat and hot wax and creams are a help, but, if it's arthritis, I think you should be getting treated for the swelling, which is causing the pain.


Besides Celebrex, I also take 4 mg. of Prednisone daily and these two drugs help with the pain -- a lot. I can't imagine doing without them. In addition, I can take Tylenol, if needed and, my favorite home remedy is my hot corn bags! I make these and really don't know what I did before I was given one as a gift about five years ago. Wow! It's deer corn in a little bag -- about 8" x 8 " -- and you heat it up in the microwave for about a minute or two. This produces a moist heat that feels fantastic! I think the weight of the corn also feels good and, the fact that you can mold this bag around a hurting hand or ankle is also good, and, to me, beats a heating pad. I do also use a heating pad, however! I go to bed well armed to fight off cold! The corn bags have the added advantage that they aren't just good for sleeping. They can go along in the car and they can go to weddings, funerals, church or shopping! After you heat them in the microwave, they stay hot for some time, gradually warming up.


I didn't see that you mentioned what your diagnosis is. But, I would certainly find a doctor who will help you with your symptoms and who take chronic pain seriously.!


Mary in Texas

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Hi Louise:


Computers are a part of my job. College-career, my hands often swell and become extremly sore and weak. I'm always hurting...the type of hurt where medication doesn't provide any relief. My boss gave me a stress ball two years ago and helped me channel the pain from my hands to the ball. I was reluctant for a while but gave in because I was willing to try just about anything (within reason) to relieve the pain. After the first week, I noticed a change. I was able to function and do my job with less pain. I have two stress balls now. Try it...maybe it will help for you.


Take care and keep us posted...

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Here is a recipe for playdough I got from my son's playschool. It feels SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD to knead the dough when its still warm and you can re warm it over and over in the microwave. It will last months and months in a ziplock bag. The Koolaid is only for color. You can substitute it with a drop or two of your favorite smelling essental oil. Have fun with it! :)


1 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 cup water

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 Pkg. Koolaid (optional)


Mix all ingredients together in a non-stick skillet over medium heat, stirring constantly. Once it's a dough ball, remove from heat and let cool until warm. Knead away!

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the doctor that doesn't seem very interested in the pain is my dermatologist. i've only seen a rheumatologist twice in the last few months and she told me it was "good pain". which I don't understand, because how can good pain annoy you constantly 24/7!?!?


well my skin biopsy is on tuesday, so after that, hopefully they'l change their minds from looking at my skin to actually realising the pain isnt "good pain"!

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Hi Louise, I can relate in a big way.... my hands ache constantly and the range of motion is deteriorating despite my best efforts. My first line of attack was to see an occupational therapist. She gave me very good exercises to do myself, which I do without fail every day, day in and day out. I also invested in a paraffin bath which was hard to get used to at first, but I just started dipping once or twice then worked my way up to 5 or 6 times, and the warmth feels wonderful. Thanks to the link on this website, I found the gloves that you put in the microwave too- they are so fabulous, and everywhere I go people ask me where I got them! Good luck, and love from Mary in Philly

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Hello Louise,


My sore hands have been one of the biggest problems of my limited Scleroderma.

I also have rheumatoid arthrits. My hands are much better at the moment and we dont really know why.


In March my rheumatologist put me on Methotrexate. She said they use it in the early stage of the disease to prevent damage to the joints, and she said it may also help the scleroderma.


I have also been taking powederd Magnesium supplement on the advice of my general practitioner.

My Scl has eased, at least the skin hardening on my hands has.


I have also not been working for a year now so I am thinking mabye that has helped.


A hand exercise I heard about recently, and wondered why I hadn't thought of it earlier was just simply laying your hands down of a flat surface and trying to flatten them, very basic but if done a couple of times of day could really make a difference.


Best wishes

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Hi Louise, My hands hurt at night like yours and I sleep with a heating pad and a couple of small soft pillows that I rest my hands on. I bought some mitts online that are filled with jell that you heat in the microwave. I mostly bought them for winter and raynauds but the moist heat they produce is lovely. I find myself watching t.v with them on. If you e-mail me I'll give you the name of the company because I don't think I'm allowed to mention it here.


I also have a parafin bath that I bought at a department store. It has a plastic tray across the bottom so you can't burn your hands. You can buy all kinds of scented wax for them. I have lavender now with special oils in it.


I think your Dr. with the "good pain" went to school with mine. He told me that some people "just hurt" more than others and I should live with it. lol

Hugs, Piper

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