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Hope all of you are doing as well as we can with this disease. As for us the fun just keeps coming. Friday my husband wound up in the emergency room with a very painful back. He had complained the day before that it hurt and I had him take a pain pill and I put a patch on it. By Friday morning he could hardly move and every movement made him wince with pain. He refused to let me drive,and don't ask me how in the world he got in the pickup but away we went, avoiding roads we knew would be rough.It turned out to be a lumbar strain. Dr.gave him pain meds, muscle relaxers and said to continue with the heat patches. Its better now and today we went to his first diabetes education meeting and it was very interesting. We have 2 more to go to so I guess I'll know all I need to by the time we're done! Take care all and SMILE.Mary-La

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Hi Sheryl and Sweet my hubby is doing much better and is no longer in such severe pain.I know about bad backs too as I have a herniated disc.Pain in the back is not good when its intense like that.He cut grass today so I know its better thankfully.Hope all are well.Mary

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