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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and scleroderma help

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My daughter was first diagnosed with systemic sclerosis 7 years ago. After two years had a re-diagnosis to morphea generalised scleroderma. She was on disability with a blue badge etc until this new PIP system came in.  She has gone from full award to absolutely nothing.  She has appealed and went to tribunal today, but nothing new.


Anyone else had a problem proving an invisible illness or do you have a different forum for discussion?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi Louise,


I'm very sorry that your daughter's claim for PIP has been unsuccessful. I'm afraid I know nothing about PIP, but I understand that it is an extremely difficult benefit to obtain, particularly for such a complex disease as scleroderma.


I would imagine that you've already had a look at the GOV.UK. site for information.


Kind regards,

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