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Local Anesthetic?

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can anyone give me a bit of information on a local anesthetic?


i'm gettin a skin biopsy done on tuesday and I'm curious about how I'll feel that day/night.. its halloween!! I don't want to be asleep all night haha!

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Hi Louise,


I have great news for you -- you will probably feel fabulous!


Skin biopsies tend to be very easy and quite painless, not much worse than a mosquito bite or bee sting. The local anesthesia is just something to numb the skin in that area; it is not a pill or IV or anything that will have after effects.


If you have Raynaud's, be sure to tell them so they can avoid using a vasoconstricting anesthetic, which can bring on an attack of Raynaud's.


You might have a little bit of discomfort and about one stitch. But I'm sure you've had lots worse injuries and surgeries, and you will think of this (afterwards) as a walk in the park. The worst part of it is just thinking about it, beforehand!

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ok thanks!


no I havent got raynauds.. i think I do(without the colour changing fingers) but my doctors disagree because of blood tests!


to be honest, i've actually never had any kind of surgery before or any injuries haha! but it'l still be a walk in the park, once I don't feel as drowsy as I do after getting blood tests!

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Louise, Have a great Holloween evening. Don't party too hard. Just have fun with all your friends. Also, in case I forget later when the season gets roaring. Have a great Birthday. Holiday babies are often overlooked. Have a great 18th Birthday. Good luck on your skin biospy. Let us know any results. Sheryl

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