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Advice for dealing with severe Raynaud's.

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I have severe Raynaud's with limited scleroderma. I really need some suggestions on what gloves to wear for inside use. Gloves that would keep hands warm and be practical enough for use with daily activities. I recently had to cut my visit short at my daughter's home because my fingers turned blue constantly, even wearing knitted gloves.


Thank you for your support!

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Hi Carol,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing such severe Raynaud's symptoms and the link I've included does have lots of tips about dealing with the problem.


Although I do have Raynaud's, thankfully it doesn't affect me as badly as you describe. I have found that it's very important to keep my core body temperature warm, as this does affect the severity of the symptoms I experience. I would suggest that a few light layers of gloves would be more effective than thick woollen gloves, but unfortunately, gloves are not desperately practical when used for daily activities at home.


Kind regards, 

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Hi Carol.  I've struggled with Raynauds for a few years and found knitted gloves of little help.  You can get rechargeable battery oorated heated gloves which are very good, though I use thermal lined leather gloves which I got from a supermarket.


For me, the key is to not let my hands get cold before putting the gloves on in winter.  As soon as I go outdoors, the gloves go on or my hands go into my pockets.


Another thing I've found is that it is important to keep your whole body warm.  I found that if I can keep my head and neck warm by wearing a thermal hat and snood, it seems to help to keep my hands warm too.


I also find that I need to keep my hands dry.  The leather gloves help too if it is raining.


Hope this is of some help.



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