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Hi Everyone,


I was told on August 22nd that I have Diffuse Scleroderma I have tightning of my face,hands,wrist,forarms,feet,ankles. I also have had Raynaunds for 5 years. but this past week and a half I have had alot of itching problems on my hands wrist ,feet and ankles. Is this from the slero? Or am I just going nuts here? Can you please tell me if any of you have this problem.


Thanks a Bunch,



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Welcome Pauline,

I wish that I could give you more advice on this issue, but all I know is that when there is more swelling of the hands the skin seems a lot more itchy. Also with the temps dropping and the air being more dry, the skin needs tons of moisture or patches of dry skin can drive you nuts.


Anyhow, welcome to the forum....

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Yes, itchy skin is a fairly frequent complaint of those with scleroderma. It is often associated with dry skin. Here is a link to our web page on Xerosis (dry skin). Here you will find a descripton as well as suggestions for treatment:




I hope you find this information helpful.


Warm wishes,


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Welcome Pauline!


I do hope you're doing better and coping. The itching. for me, has just started two weeks ago. I'm in transition of searching for a new round of doctors. Please, try not to scratch too hard as you don't want to break the skin. I started using a skin nourishing mosturizing lotion with premium oat extract. It draws in and retains moisture for healthier skin, soothes dry skin and is hypoallergenic. Maybe this can be of help to you. Tk care of yourself and keep us posted on you progress.




"Never Lose Hope..."

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Sclero can cause extreme itching. My arms are hyde like in feel from all the itching these past four, plus years. I've tried everything. The only prescriptions that really work knock me out. So I only take them at nite about every three nights. One of the creams prescribe by the Doctors is Lac-Hydrin cream. It usually helps with dryness and helps with the mild itching but not the horrendous itch where the little tiny nerves come to the surface and cause teeny tiny scabs that take a couple weeks to heal. I probably gave you more information than you really wanted. Sheryl

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No you are not going nuts, but the itching sure can drive you nuts sometimes. Heidi provided a great link with lots of ideas. I hope you find something there that helps. Like Beanpole, I swim in the lotion with the oatmeal extract. It's helped me quite a bit. I also found in the ISN section under Itching that some doctors prescribe the drug Atarax (generic name: Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride). This is what my hubby took when he had a short bout of Xerosis. It worked for him.

Good luck Darling. I hope you find something that helps.

Big Hugs,

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Itching has always been an issue since I was diagnosed with diffuse a year ago. I use an oatmeal based lotion that has a small amount of menthol added. The menthol cools and really soothes the skin. i take AtArax at night, allegr and and benadryl during the day. I have also found as my skin has tighetend over my knuckles and wrists the application of bag balm really keeps the skin more hyrdrated. lat winter I used a humodifier in the main house which really helped ALOT!


Take care



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