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Feeling Faint...

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I try not to complain much, but I am so curious to know if I am the only one who gets that fainting feeling when you stand up....and if it is associated at all with Sclero?


To be more specific, every time I stand up I have to give myself a minute because everything goes black and my ears ring. So I guess I am afraid that I will faint.


Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a reason for this?






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I have the same problem and it predated my diagnosis with systemic sclero sine sclero. I have ILD and PAH and believe that the faintness is connected to these complications. I experience the near fainting and black spots before the eyes when standing from sitting and climbing stairs. What has helped is practising pursed lip breathing and pacing my breathing with the activity: breath in > move while breathing out through pursed lips.


Deep breaths and a big smile! (Smiling actually helps!)



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i was just about to post a message about this symptom!


Sometimes when I walk into a bright room(or if I'm bending down and I stand up), i have to stand still for a few minutes, because my eyes get blurry and my ears ring.

Today I've been having a bad headache, but I never thought it could be related to my sclero(i have linear, so it probably isnt)

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Hello WestCoast1,


It sounds to me that what you describe is consistent with your blood pressure not adjusting properly when you stand up. I had read about a woman with MCTD who was having terrible fainting spells and problems with her blood pressure. She was finally diagnosed with dysautonomia--a condition where autonomic functions aren't working properly. Another possible cause of low blood pressure when standing could be certain drugs.


Most definately let your physician know.





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Hi Erin:


Nice to meet you. Yes, I have been experiencing this problem for a long time now. Thinking back on it now, it started in 2000. It happened only one time, which resulted with me fainting. When I stood up, I was light-headed. I began to walk around and started seeing black spots. I was reaching for the staircase to walk down it but couldn't see the stairs. It was a blessing that one of my sisters saw me and caught me in time because I would have fell down the stairs. In turn, I fainted in her arms. It was scary for me after waking up 10 minutes later. I can't remember all of what happened, I only remember bits and pieces. The details of what happened was told to me later on. I didn't have another episode like that until two years ago. My doctors, at the time, could not figure out the cause. The dizziness, disorientation, black spots, and ear ringing comes and goes often now. I'm not sure why this is happening but after doing some research of my own, it might be vertigo. I'm still searching for answers which my doctors cannot answer and I won't stop until I get them. It may take me a while but I will get there in time. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

Michelle C. Hunter

ISN Book P.R. Coordinator for the U.S.

International Scleroderma Network

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The dizziness, ringing in the ears, and black spots may be symptoms of Meniere's Disease (another autoimmune disease).


Here is our link to autoimmune ear disease (may have some helpful information) and further down this page, you will find an article on Meniere's.




Hope you find this helpful.


Warm wishes,


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