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Okay Here's another one !!! Birdman has developed small spots on one elbow, they just came up since his cyclophosphamide treatment. They almost look like tiny warts, kind of white, I was wondering is this calcium deposits I've heard people taking about. They are about the size of a small pimple. Anyone ever had this?



Hugs for All,


Julie (Bird Lady)

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Hello Wife,

I have not heard of this, although someone here surely has, but I have had them. I really dont know what they are or what they are from, but mine seemed to go away on their own. On the elbow sounds suspicious of Calcium deposits. I will do a little research and see what I can come up with.




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It sounds like it might be calcinosis. I thought mine was a pimple, but Johns Hopkins dr. told me it was calcinosis. I just have one right on the tip of my elbow and it really hurts if pressure is put on it. Some days it red, other days it just looks like a pimple. Maybe next time he sees the dr. the dr. could check it out.


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Hi Wife,


I had something similar on my elbow. It was very tender and I thought it was a calcium deposit. I had had a calcium deposit on a forearm and this seemed to be similar. My primary care doctor agreed it was a calcium deposit. I can't remember what my rheumatologist said about it but it seems to me that she agreed. For some reason, which I have forgotten, she (rheumatologist) sent me to an orthopedic doctor.


He x-rayed the elbow and said it was not a calcium deposit. He said it was olecranon bursitis. I've forgotten exactly what treatment he first prescribed and/or performed there in the office, but after weeks of returning to him with no improvement, he finally said that he believed the only thing that was going to "fix" it was to put me under a general anesthesia and really surgically clean it out and stitch it up. He also said that I was welcome to continue treating it as we had been if that's what I wanted to do and that there was no hurry or emergency about doing surgery since it wasn't infected. I did want to keep trying a bit longer without surgery. I worried about not healing after surgery!


About this time, a family crisis kept me from doing anything about it besides putting whatever medicine I was using on it. I couldn't extend my arm at all because of the elbow pain.


Meanwhile, it came time for my routine visit with my rheumatologist again. She wanted to see my elbow and she asked what the orthopedic doctor had said. When I told her about the bursitis diagnosis, she didn't say anything. I got the feeling she didn't agree! She then suggested that I see a doctor closer to home and made me an appointment with one in my home town. He was a plastic surgeon. I have since seen this guy several more times for different things and he is a jewel! He is very knowledgeable about scleroderma. Every time I've ever seen him, his attitude has been to leave it alone (whatever 'it" happens to be). He said it wasn't infected and would eventually heal, but that with sclero, healing is slow!


He also prescribed a cream, which apparently is an old drug and was or is used on burn patients. It's called silver sulfadiazine. It worked much better than anything I'd previously used and the elbow actually started getting better. At that time, I'd had it for about a year!


Another suggestion he made was a real keeper! He said to get some of those elbow pads they use in the hospitals to keep patients from rubbing their elbows raw on the bed. I think that may have helped as much as the medicine.


The elbow eventually cleared up almost completely. It never did entirely disappear and from time to time, it seems to have a flareup and it gets a little painful again and sometimes forms a scab. I just hunt up my elbow pads and the cream again and it subsides eventually.


Apparently, it is something like the digital ulcers. It's sore because of poor circulation. I got another one on my other elbow but it never got as bad as the first one. When I started taking Cialis for the finger ulcer problem, the elbow problems also improved significantly!


Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted you to know that I have a long history with elbow sores and mine was not a calcium deposit. That was one thing that the orthopedic doctor got right and the x-ray proved it. I remember at one time there was a thread about elbow sores and apparently, they aren't uncommon with scleroderma.




Mary in Texas

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