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I am a female teenager and have Raynaud's. I have been told my circulation is poor, to the extent of my hands and feet turning purple. Predominantly, this mostly occurs during cold weather; however, entering the shower seems to trigger an episode and causes my fingers and feet to go a dark grey/purple. I also develop chilblains when my extremities are exposed to such cold temperatures, which can be quite irritating. 


I am only a teenager, and I was wondering if these symptoms will deteriorate, or whether they may simply go away. 


Also note that I do experience joint pain at times, mainly around my knuckles and ankles. My fingers tend to excessively swell when cold, or when being warmed up from being so cold. Lately, my finger joints have been feeling weirdly freezing - like the actual bone feels freezing. The way I can best describe it - that uncomfortable sensitivity experienced with teeth when you breath in cold air or bite into something hot or cold - like that.


Could this be early signs for scleroderma?

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Hi Nicky,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing unpleasant Raynaud's symptoms. Although Raynaud's is certainly a symptom of scleroderma, it is quite possible to have Primary Raynaud's and never develop scleroderma. The symptoms you describe could also relate to any number of health problems.


The best person to advise you of the correct treatment and prognosis is your doctor, with a view to a referral to a scleroderma expert, if it should be deemed necessary.


Kind regards,

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