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Insurance Coverage For Anemia-nan

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Remember me telling you on a post that my insurance didn't want to cover my hospital stay for anemia because I didn't bleed rapidly enough, my blood pressure wasn't low enough, and I didn't have enough shortness of breath, the plot thickens.

I went to my primary care physician yesterday because I still feel rather puny. He did bloodwork. I brought up the insurance situation and he said that he was really mad about it. The medical director of my insurance called him to question the stay and my primary care physician explained it to him. The medical director approved it to him over the phone. Two days later my doctor receives the letter to say that it wasn't approved. He said that he wishes he would have tape recorded it. My primary care physician said that I didn't need to worry about it.

Have a good day!


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Oh wow Nan,

These insurance companies are getting so down right dirty. I am glad that you are fighting for this one. Way to go. I only hope that your ins. reconsiders and you will have one less thing to pay.




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