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I woke up with a dent on my forehead a few weeks ago.  It's traveled from my hairline down past my right eyebrow.  I went to primary care physician - said to check back, I'm probably fine.  Went to dermatologist for non-related issue and he said he thought it was En Coupe De Sabre.   It is not perfectly linear and I do feel a vein behind the indentation, pulsing.  When I press the area, it's somewhat "sensitive" and I think I feel a foggy tingle behind my ears, throughout my scalp - nerves?  I don't know the body. 


I am going back in a few weeks for some more testing.


Other health problems: 

1. PTSD - severe form / can't see or hear outside of a virtual reality of things that already happened but can work and live independently - trauma

2. Raynaud's (only activated by the cold - I've had it since I was a child so it's nothing alarming)

3. Bloating - On Spironolactone (5 years with bloating in hands, feet). Spironolactone helps with the water retention and feeling of useless hands and feet. 

4. Headaches - may or may not be PTSD related. 


I am in generally good health.  This is fairly scary so I wanted to post and know more. 


Should I have my primary care physician schedule testing with a sclero specialist in Seattle?  She didn't seem to think that I had enough symptoms... My dermatologist diagnosed it as En Coupe De Sabre on the spot. I haven't been tested and I am nervous and want to know so I know how to treat my symptoms.   Is this something I should have addressed by a specialist and worry constantly about? 


I do have photos of my forehead. The dent has grown. I am not dehydrated and tried drinking as much water as possible with absolutely no results.  


I appreciate your support and can see that you've all got a horrible disease and feel for you.  I can't imagine learning anything worse.  


Thank you, 


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Hi Robin,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you have concerns regarding En Coupe De Sabre and I've attached a link to our medical page on the subject. We do recommend consulting a listed scleroderma expert/dermatologist and it sounds as if the one you saw appears to be on the ball, so I would suggest going back to them for further advice and possible treatment.


Kind regards,

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