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Telangiectasia Of the face

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My CREST progression actually slowed down significantly as I got older. When I was young the Raynaud's on my fingertips and elbows were open sores that were painful to bump and leaked a clear liquid. Doctors said as I went through puberty that it might slow down and it definitely has. The sores have dried up and shrunk to small scabs almost like Callouses. I actually use a callous file to keep them smooth and use an ointment to keep them from drying out and cracking. They rarely get inflamed anymore and cold no longer bothers me. I’m actually an avid snowboarder all winter and never have issues in the cold. My telangiectasia has slowly been growing over the years. My face is peppered with red splotches of all different sizes. After college I eventually got sick of being stared at and asked what that was on my face, so I now use a concealer.
   I’ve learned to be a slow eater at a young age due to food getting caught in my esophagus. I had it stretched once when I was young after I ate some soup and had a carrot of all things get stuck! Now a days, I’ve learned to chew up my food good and take a sip of a drink after every bite or two to help wash it down. 
   Staying active has helped my joints from stiffening up over the years. Where I live now, I’m a big mountain biker in the summer and snowboarder in the winter. I live at about 8,000ft in the mountains and the elevation has had no effect on my CREST which is nice!

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Thanks Kevin, I'm glad that the progression has slowed down for you.  I've also found that increasing physical activity has helped with the painful stiffness, but any longer than 24/48 hours without exercise is enough to bring it all back, so I have to do a long walk, cycle or some gardening every day.


I hope that you will be able to find an effective treatment for the Telangiectasia and remain otherwise healthy.


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