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L-lysine, oral supplement

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Hello all!


I have been taking L-lysine a while for herpes simplex virus (HSV-2), as I don't want to go with acyclovir for too long (swapped two months ago).  During this time, I have started having lots of problems with my joints.

I have searched through all of Google Scholar, but I haven't got any insight on if l-lysine is bad for fibrosis or not.


Has anyone here been using it or had side effects. All replies are welcome!

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Hi JohnJohn,


Welcome to these forums.


I'm afraid I know nothing about L-lysine and even less about HSV-2, particularly in relation to scleroderma.


I would therefore suggest that you direct any queries regarding your medication to your doctor/consultant, who hopefully will be able to advise you.


Kind regards,

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