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En coup de sabre - Advice? Chicago area specialist?

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Hi everyone!

Approx 7+ years I noticed 3 vertical indents on my forehead (the deepest is near the middle and 2 on the outside create a sort of V shape). They start above my hairline and can be traced down to my nose. There is an indentation above my left brow as well. They have gotten wider, deeper and more noticeable over the years.


I've seen a dermatologist and rheumatologist and brought this to the attention of doctors I've seen throughout the years. I've been told it's probably always been there (it hasn't) or they've brushed me off denying it's there at all without really looking.


Can anyone recommend a specialist near Chicago (Northwest Suburbs but will travel) that is familiar with En coup de sabre? I'm am quite certain that is what it is.


Thank you for reading! I greatly appreciate any suggestions..




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Hi Lindsay,


Welcome to these forums.


I'm sorry to hear that you're being troubled with the symptoms of en coup de sabre and I've included a link to our medical page to give you more information.


I've included a link to our listed scleroderma experts in Chicago; it doesn't specify en coup de sabre, but it would be worth contacting them to see if they could help and advise you.


Kind regards,

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